Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring 2011

5-14-2011 Ocean Surf


Twin 40's on the troll, Barnaget.


42" Striper Arsenio beached south


40" surf bass




Andrews 1st striper season and he's up to 5 keepers so far!

Don't believe they're not there! 70 million year old species,
This Atlantic Sturgeon was recently captured on the Delaware river.
More Information on Atlantic Sturgeon

Arsenios Catch

Brian's bass

Bob's striper

47 degree water tempature.

Hybrid striper, first one i've seen in SJ.

SHAGS 7TH Annual Striper Tournament March 25-27th
$20 Entry Fee, call 856-935-2826
1st ,2nd & 3rd place by Weight

1st Place: 30# 41"
2nd Place: 24.5# 39"
3rd Place: 22# 37"

Andrews first striped bass, 31"

Arsenios 33"

...striper candy

Andrew with one of many catfish..

tagged a few dozen cookie cutters for the ALS

Any time now the trophys will be here

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